Sunday, April 8, 2012

Child Slavery At The Super Bowl

In ancient Rome, the masses of people were lured away from not only their problems, but the problems of the other citizens through entertainment. The gladiators fought and they died while hoping to win tournaments, fame, and money. People cheered their favourite gladiators onward to their deaths, and when that man was no more, they found another one to goad on until his blood mixed with the dirt in the coliseum's floor.
Today, in America, we have the exact same thing going on; but rather than our football players dying on the spot, they most often get to live lavish lives; but the distraction is the exact same as it was in the empire that is no more. While men and women alike are so busy cheering on a team full of men who have never heard of them, and do not care in the least about the personal miseries of their fan's lives; the American War Machine, the Military Industrial Complex, and the Prison Industrial Complex, move onward. More little brown people are killed in far away lands, and our modern military personnel, with all of the best technologies behind them, can not hide themselves away from depleted uranium fall out, and mysterious illnesses that get tabled falsely as PTSD.
There are even darker and more sinister things afoot, however, and a little known fact is that during the Super Bowl, children are imported to our host cities for the sick pleasures of the wealthy men in the catered booths at the top of the stadiums., my personal e mail.

Dear Wesman,
Every year, children as young as 11 are trafficked involuntarily to Super Bowl cities. There, football fans – usually men, often inebriated – will pay traffickers to have sex with them.
The Texas attorney general estimates these kids have a life expectancy of just seven years from the time they're first trafficked.
(sold as a slave, and dumped like garbage seven years later, materialism in America, and children are just objects too, for the very wealthy -wts-)
This year, the Super Bowl Host Committee is charged "to engage in responsible planning . . . to ensure the readiness of North Texas to host the first Super Bowl in the Cowboys’ new stadium."
(the cathedral of wealth and materialistic honour to the gods of distraction from the much more important reality that surrounds it. . . .Jerry Jones' cathedral of Mammon -wts-)
Local anti-trafficking groups have repeatedly offered to help the Committee use its influence to educate fans and the public about the dangers of child trafficking -- which could help to prevent thousands of rapes and abuses at America's biggest sporting event.
(lets see how much Jerry Jones cares about . . .this; I'd not hold my breath for the idea of one cent coming from him, or any other NFL organization, it distracts folks from their glorious distraction -wts-)
(Texans seldom care about anything else when football is on, people graduate from Texas public schools without knowing how to read. . .if they can play football -wts-)
But the Host Committee has refused to take meaningful action. And thousands of children will pay the price.
(boycott NFL football, and maybe some children won't be abused and dumped, and YOUR child might actually learn something in school-wts-)

In Dallas, a terrific local organization called Traffick911 has created the "I'm Not Buying It" campaign. They've offered the Host Committee free PSAs, posters, banners and informational cards to educate the public and protect children from being abused and raped.
But the Host Committee refuses to display the information.
(Governor Rick Perry has innocent men killed via the barbaric death penalty, why would anyone expect that a Texas football host committee would care about children? -wts-)
The Committee is working hard right now to generate good publicity for North Texas and the game, so public pressure at this moment will be especially powerful.
(it'll probably have to come from another state, and maybe from a more rational country -wts-)
Tell the Super Bowl Host Committee that they have a responsibility to protect the children who'll be trafficked to Texas for the Super Bowl:
(I've done my part, and I'd like to think that this article did something positive, who knows. -wts-)

After you sign, please forward this email to friends and family to let them know about this crisis, and how they can help.
Thanks for taking action,
- Patrick and the team

Child Slavery In the USA.

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