Monday, March 5, 2012

"Love It Or Leave It" - A Patriot NEVER Says Something So Pathetically STUPID.

"Love it or Leave it," and the wrath of Todd be upon you.

Growing up, it went without saying that Argus Troy Coker was the leader of our family. Now, I'm not saying that my Father, W.T. Shaw wasn't the leader of my nuclear family, he of course, was, and IS. What I'm saying is that in the larger sense, the elder Mr. Coker was THE most respected male I encountered on any sort of basis.
Now, obviously, I had TWO Grandfathers. . . .it's damn hard to NOT have two grandfathers, but William Thomas Shaw wasn't really the type of man who had to be any kind of leader. I'll always remember his wicked sense of humor, unfathomable prejudices, and that he didn't much demand anything out of me. I remember once him saying something to the effect of,
"That's okay, boy, you'll be Merle Haggard someday." -this, after I had attempted to play some crap on an electric guitar that I used to own. I didn't realize the depth of the compliment that I was paid there. I wish that I had.

Learning To Play The Guitar.

So maybe I've mentioned before that I started trying to play the guitar at around 12 years of age, with Argus Troy Coker. I fondly recall those many, many hours spent perusing guitars at "First Monday," in Canton, and trying to understand what the hell he was saying as he proudly showed me his repair work of various cheap instruments he'd bought for nothing, and also. . . .I'm MOST fond of the hours upon hours that I spent strumming out of time whilst he strummed IN time and sang classic country tunes. . . .and some others that aren'tcountry or bluegrass, or folk. In fact, my first memory of playing guitar, or rather, trying to Play Guitar involve a hippie woman from Texas who died of drug overdose before she even reached her prime.
Busted Flat, in Baton Rouge, waiting for a train
I was feeling nearly as faded as my jeans.
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah-SHUT UP ALREADY! I well know thatMe and Bobbie McGee wasn't written by Janis Joplin, it was written by Kris Kristofferson, big f'ing deal. You'll get the point I'm making when I get a "round toit." I went to the hardware store the other day-they didn't stock "round toits," don't know what the deal is on that, but it's a damned shame.
He'd also play and sing an edited version of Folsom Prison Blues, leaving out the lyric about shooting a man in Reno, for the pleasure of seeing him die. "Speedfreak" Johnny Cash, Like Merle Haggard, despite the more marketable near genre, "Outlaw Country," was another songwriter that truly embraced more sane, human ideals than his most famous songs would suggest. Someone would have to be completely asleep or delusional to think that either of those musicians would even be played on popular radio in today's world. Talented songwriters, or any sort of honesty, or integrity in music are rarely tolerated by Rupert Murdoch, and his 900+ f.m. radio channels now. It seems the later stages of induced idiocy by corporations, and their globalist plans are well in effect. Put a frog in a pan of cold water, turn the heat on-and you'll cook a frog. You can not, however, throw a frog into hot water, and think that he'll sit there and cook.

A Mega Digression Interpolating Reality.

So our corporate and mass media overlords are at war with US, the consumers now-I'd never considered myself a communist, but truly the consumer in America has never before been so mistreated and abused, misled, and lied to as they are today. The whole idea of class struggle is one that crosses my mind daily-but what can I do? I'm doing it here, as best as I can. We live in such a media controlled world with such overt global government aspirations that the effect is such that it's perfectly okay to be loud and vocal in your African American pride, your Hispanic pride. . .but you are automatically deemed a "terrorist" should you even whisper that you're proud of your "white," or European heritage
. In Ayn Rand's novel Atlas Shrugged , which, by the way, is one of the most delusional pieces of propaganda ever written, the notion is put forth by the unseen global manipulators that "the guiltless man is all that we have to fear." How often does mass media try to make every individual of any inclination try to feel guilty? I'm willing to bet that if you are aware of this, and look for it-then your answer will shock you. Also, Rand's brilliant, but insane book clearly shows how honesty trumps guilt every single time. The truth really can set us all free-but we won't be driving Hummer H2s and leaving half a plate of food at Chili's for the dumpster anymore, which isn't a bad thing at all.
Does anyone else here recall the report from the Missouri Information Analysis Center that concluded that the domestic terrorist was likely to be one with N.R.A. bumper stickers, a bad habit of talking about the documents that this nation was founded with, and an inclination towards policing the police? I do, and I hope to be the heart and soul of all of those things. I might blow you up with my webblogs, truly, I'm dangerous. More disturbing even, was a recent google search of the term Posse Comitatus  , and the "homeland security department's" link that showed up claiming that the thing was a myth.
So here we are again, in the day and age of technology, but if you want to hear music, then you have to already know about it, and have purchased a hard copy, or downloaded it. Failing those options, you have to seek it out in the form of live musicians, just like in the pre-Tesla days.
So Marvin the Martian wanted to blow up the planet Earth, hmmmm.......what would he do in America? He'd install fundamentalist Christian seeming presidents for years and years whilst boosting their platform for illiterate Bible interpretations, whilst the media simultaneously goes all "Satan" on it's consumers, which would have the end effect of completely dividing everyone. The funniest thing I'd ever seen. . .well, it wasn't funny at all, but it made the point-was a youtube video called The Great Flood , under the description of "Atheist Comedy." Things are so bad now that even the fundamentalist Christians KNOW that the Noah's arc story is ridiculous, but they can't even admit it to themselves.
"but every ancient culture had the same story!"
Of course they did, they all also have a Jesus-like messiah figure too. I'll address those things when I figure them out; it doesn't mean that the Earth was covered with water for 40 days and nights, fool, think about that one for just a few minutes, take a xanax, and call me in the morning.
Ever feel bombarded by big pharmaceutical corporations selling YOU medicines that you don't need, even though you have to have a doctor prescribe them for you in order for you to get them? Here's your sign. They get profit and tax from legal drugs that you don't need-anyone else here see how the system works?
So anyway, my fundamentalist Grandfather had a bent for progressive social ideals and an awareness that the world wasn't what was sold to him on his television. He couldn't have possibly believed in creationism or the flood allegories in a literal sense, because he was far too intelligent to actually believe a fairy tale as truth. He only was too busy providing to be able to have the luxury of thinking about those things, and an inability to admit to himself the truth of the matter. It's impossible for me to NOT irritate the hell out of atheist and fundamentalist both-because I refuse to be classified as either by a media ruled world that seeks to divide us along those exact lines. The whole "homosexual problem" has gotten so bad now in the fake world that the media manufactures that I noticed a startling truth, and the most Jesus of Nazareth inspired lyric that I'd heard in a long time recently from, perhaps, the greatest male vocalist in pop music history.
I need you to help me forgive. . . . .ah, your my BEST FRIEND!
When Freddie Mercury is more a follower of Jesus than the "Jesus Freak" leaders of idiot land, you've almost made it to reality.

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