Monday, January 23, 2012

The Poor Redneck, and The Rich Jewish Family. Dallas, Texas-Summer 2009

The call was to Strait Lane.. For the last month I'd wondered,
"what is the most exclusive, wealthy neighborhood in Dallas?"
Every day I seem to say to myself,
"No, you'll not find a wealthier customer than this!" Strait Lane, all in all-at least on this block, might be "it."

The patriarch of the family is the CEO of a company with a huge tower on Central Expressway, and a framed newspaper (front page) article in one of the rooms says that his company had over a billion dollars in revenues in a recent year. What's this I hear about recessions, or depressions? I don't see it, I only hear about it.

Three Children Attending Yale University.

Although the house is huge, with five large split systems covering the air conditioning-the vast yard is unkempt. There is still a Texan's For Obama sign in the yard. I guess they fired the groundskeeper, probably for speaking out against the Israeli murders of civilians in Gaza.

I had been told to ask for Erika, cause she runs the day to day stuff here; but instead, a cute young lady answered the door, and said that she was "someone's" daughter, as if I should know who that is by name. Ana was the young lady's name, and everything about her suggested a sweetness of spirit that I hadn't come to expect yet in the rich. Ana took the time to show me where everything was for each part of the house. Ana starts school at Yale this fall.

Katy is the older sister, and she and Ana favor each other a great deal. Later on during the day, I'd thought I'd said "hello" to Ana, but it was Katy, and her expression said, "EEEEWWWWWW-blue collar guy is speaking to me???!!!!!

My bad, bitch.
In Katy's room there is an access to a lower attic. There are also framed pictures of Katy with an occult emblem all around it. This emblem has nothing to do with David, the Israelite King of the Old Testement. This SATANIC emblem is not Jewish in nature at all. It once hung outside the door of a  money changer in Germany, but there it was aptly colored blood red-befitting the house of Rothschild, and modern Israel. The skin tone of the family is lighter than mine, you'd have thought that they'd hailed from the county Claire.

Zack is tall and thin, he studies chemistry at Yale. Every time I see Zack he is playing with some sort of chemical.

"What are you doing?"

"Cleaning this magnesium sulfate"

"Isn't that the shit that they use to put the clear coat on bricks?"

"Yeah, probably."

"There's also a recipe for meth using that stuff."

I'm exhausting my knowledge of magnesium sulfate here!

"That's not a good idea."

"No, I wouldn't recommend it."

Later I'm having them pay the bill with one of the children's credit cards-thousand dollar air conditioning repairs are nothing to these kids, they'll get it back. Luckily, I'm dealing with sweet Ana:

"What kind of bird is that?"

"It's a _______________"

"Where's it from?"

"Really, it's from lots of places. . . . ."

"What's it's special talent?"

"Escaping it's cage."

"Then there is nothing really special about that bird!" Then, I'd said,

"Zack likes to play with chemicals, what's YOUR special talent, Ana?"

"NOT science! I might study poli-sci."

"Well, you do realize that history books are never accurate, because history is always written by the victor."

~Ana's Lovely Smile~

"Your right!"

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