Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Usury, Goat Boy False Messiah, and How I SAVE Money By Going To Jail.

Generally speaking, Usury is a horrific system of economics that depends upon the foolishness of others. Usurers and people that profit from usury are basically evil in nature, as they disregard all others in their pursuit of money and pleasure - all the while believing themselves either intellectually superior, or even worse - "more evolved." I suggest that everyone everywhere stop using fiat currency at every possible interval. The IRS is not an American entity, and the money that it steals

Saving Money By Going To Jail

Listen, I'm going to jail soon. I know this. I look forward to it.
I realize that to most of you that will sound absolutely crazy! Guess what? It's not the least bit crazy, what I think is crazy is that people actually pay their speeding tickets.
I'm not dumb. I know that if you've got a good job that those things are hard to find these days, and that getting another one after being fired from the one you have is a dim prospect. I'm a realist - an unemployed one.
I don't have a good job, and I quit the job that I had because it wasn't a good one any more. I know that the time honoured aphorism that says that Time Is Money is correct, and that my time on Earth is limited, and should be enjoyed. So why, you probably wonder, would I think going to jail, and spending time there is better than paying traffic tickets?

Jail. . . .er. . . .Alcatraz Federal Prison.

Um.. . . that would be me.
Um.. . . that would be me.

Unemployed? Rip Your Speeding Tickets IN TWO!

Hell, you can roll those speeding tickets up into a marijuana cigarette for all that I care - I'm willing to be that a Dr. Pepper can, slightly flattened, and ventilated with a few properly placed holes on the flat spot would do you a better job though.
It's not, after all, against the law to NOT pay your speeding tickets. It was against the law to speed, and you've already been given the proof of that. If you are unemployed, then why the hell would you pay a fine for speeding? By paying a fine, you only reinforce the notion in some podunk city government's collective mind that giving you the ticket was the right thing to do in the first place, and you and I both know better than that, don't we?
So you think that you never want to see the fine metropolis of Gun Barrel City, Texas again? WTF? Dude, all you saw of it was the highway, and that over inflated ego with a metal star on his shirt! You don't KNOW that you never want to see Gun Barrel City again? Puh Lease! You are unemployed, fella, what do you have to lose? I say "live a little." You might meet your long lost cousin who owes you a five spot, no - he won't be able to pay you at this time, but why not catch up on what your thrice removed aunt Gertrude has been up to?

Debt Based Fed Notes - What Are They REALLY Worth?


Debt Based Fed Notes Printed In Usurer Mammonland.

Listen, if there is one thing I know in this world - that is that debt based fed notes filled with occult symbols and talk about trusting freemason "gods," is a scam straight out of usury mammonland, I mean. . . .well, never mind about that. Until YOU help to set up a barter system in your hometown, or adopt lawful silver, or something useful as YOUR currency - you are basically a slave to the Usury cartel, and they consider you a stupid "goyim," no better than cattle.
Personally, I think you and I are BETTER individuals than people that fill the world with debt notes with occult la la land symbols all over them. I really do. Usury is a system that even the prophets of the people who profligate that system foretold would collapse upon itself, where will you and I be when that happens? What will we do?
"Dude, you blew your cover years ago - so cease and desist your never ending contempt for this modern world, mass media, the usury system created and manifested world wide by those people that you are forever talking about."
NO! I absolutely refuse to do that! I will, however, get back on track here - you are unemployed, and that debt based toilet tissue with occult symbols all over it alluding to trust in some Satanic being that the freemasons call "god" is hard to come by. Until you can create a lawful silver currency and barter system community, you will continually be enslaved by slave masters that take most of everything you produce in taxes to institute the exact same system of slavery via dlihcshtoR and rellefekcoR controlled banks in foreign lands while stealing the resources of those peoples living there, and instituting a global system of government where the false goat headed wanna be Messiah can sit on the throne of David in that rebuilt Temple.
"Dude, you were going to discuss not paying speeding tickets, and attempt to explain why you think that going to jail is better. . . ."

She Might NOT Get One - But I Get A Ticket Most Every Time.


Yes Never Paying Speeding Tickets STICKS IT TO THE MAN!

Yes, speeding tickets - which, when you don't pay them - become traffic warrants. First you don't pay the ticket, and THEN you don't pay the warrant. Why the HELL would an unemployed man spend the precious few fed note debt based inflated dollars that he gets on traffic tickets when he's got usury and learsI to support? Answer: He doesn't!
The only people in this world who will constantly tell you about how they've never been to jail are the hypocrite self righteous wanna be pseudo Christians that mindlessly watch American Idol and think of the next fly comment to insult YOU with. Those people haven't read their Bible, they've no idea what the parts that they did read mean, and the parts of the Bible that are most relevant in today's world were never, EVER taught in churches because very few ministers can understand or even bother to understand what IS most relevant to today's world, and they are busy preaching that prosperity garbage which is the usurer's favourite thing to begin with!
What I'm saying here is WRITE THOSE SELF RIGHTEOUS FOOLS OFF! Did the apostle Paul go to jail? um. . . .yep! Was Jesus executed? um. . . .yep! Were any of the apostles accepted by the society that they lived in? um.. . . . .NOPE! THEY WERE ALL KILLED EXCEPT THE ONE THAT DIED IN EXILE ON SOME REMOTE GREEK ISLAND! Anyone who tells you that Christians are supposed to obey laws, etc - DOESN'T KNOW THE FIRST THING ABOUT CHRISTIANITY! Obeying laws - is basically a Jewish concept.
"Dude, . . . .SPEEDING TICKETS!"
Oh yeah, I never pay them! I had a warrant out in Mesquite, Texas once - and it was about a $500.00 warrant. I got arrested for. . .well, the cops were messing with me for walking down the road after midnight. AS IF it's a crime, or proof of a crime - simply to be walking down the road late at night.
"Dude, you look like the founder of modern Satanism, and you had a fucking hacksaw. . .in your pants."
That's so NOT true. I stuck the hacksaw in my pants when the cops drove by. . . .They don't call me Hacksaw Shaw for nothing. . .anyway, I spent about seven hours in jail, and got credit for a FIVE HUNDRED DOLLAR SPEEDING TICKET, that's me finally getting paid what I'm worth, almost, per hour - but I'm only worth that much an hour when I'm sitting around doing nothing in jail, um, I mean SLEEPING in jail. When I'm awake and doing something - then debt based fed notes with occult symbols all over them that talk about trusting in some "god" that is actually Satan, printed off by usurers that only care about goat boy false Messiahs sitting on the throne of David in a rebuilt temple in Israel. . . there's not enough of that trash out there for it to be worth my time.

Goat Boy Messiah - The Pseudo King Of Israel.


In Which Discussions of Goat Boy Messiah Is Diffused Into A Semi Coherent Discussion Concerning The Realities of Modern Municipalities.

Listen up, weirdo, if you say "goat boy" one more damn time - then I've had it!
I Google Searched "goat boy messiah," and I found a picture, it's not for me to care if you like it or not, I do this to entertain myself. This is AVANT GARDE, my sometimes friend.
"Well, it looks like AVANT CRAP to me! Let me finish this since you can't seem to talk about anything but goat boy usurers, and all that crap that you use to describe MONEY, goy boy! Towns are full of morons that think America is broke, they write you tickets hoping you pay the fines. When you go to jail - IT COSTS THEM MONEY, and they don't want to spend it to keep you there, and feed your goy butt some cabbage and beans, so to SAVE money they'll just book you in and out, and in no time at all, your fines go away. You're unemployed, goyim, and there's no freaking point in working to pay a damned ticket. Sit it out in a few hours, and get on with your stupid life."

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