Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Al Gore Double Standard

As an absolutely average citizen, it is forever the most repugnant thing to see a politician live a double standard.

Do as I say, not as I do.

There is no honor in one espousing a double standard, and it sickens me whenever someone chooses to ignore such things.  How can you ignore Al Gore's hideous double standard?

Perhaps the double standard exists because he knows himself everything he talks about is outright bovine scatological nonsense?

Well, despite what all the chicken little's out there believe to be their rock solid scripture of truth - there are many a scientist suppressed who have quite a lot to say about the truth, and we all already know about all the falsified data....ostensibly falsified from a "dutiful sense of urgency."  If you believe that bit....oh my, you are blind to the biggest con of all time.


Below, some words from hypocrite preacher of bunk science, Al Gore:

So it’s classic Al Gore. He talks about a “criminal generation that selfishly and blithely” dumps “global-warming pollution into the atmosphere as if it were an open sewer.” However, if personal energy usage was “criminal,” Al Gore might be at the top of “America’s Most Wanted List,” see chart above. Terms that come to mind to describe Al Gore’s carbon footprint include “Bigfoot,” “Paul Bunyan,” “Brobdingnagian,” “Sasquatch,” or “the elephant in the room.” To paraphrase blues pianist Mose Allison, “If polluting was criminal, he’d live a life of crime.”

Anyone with a clear mind can see a globalist agenda behind all this "climate change" crap.  It is hilarious to me to read online the ridicule from folks who don't believe in a global agenda of oligarchy - but do believe in "global warming."  Those people get very angry when you engage them in discussions - and is anger not typically a sign of being wrong in the first place?  Why try to force folks to believe a delusion?  Oh, because you know it is falsehood...but I digress.

Here is a very interesting article from the New American:

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