Friday, October 26, 2012

Type O Negative - Halloween Music.

Again probably for every Halloween I get to live through or approach, I'll also get to miss Peter Steele, and reminisce over the awesome Type O Negative show I did get to see on their "Bloody Kisses" tour.

They toured with Danzig headlining, and can you think of a better match?  Those two bands had the heavy Black Sabbath style riff metal going, and the dark goth personas that nobody else was much utilizing, or at least not very well, and at the same time - they both had hit albums to tour behind.

The year was 1995, I think, or maybe it was 94', but anyway, I got to see them both at the Dallas "Bomb Factory," in Deep Ellum.

Anyway, I've told the story a dozen or more times online - but the show was maybe the best show I'd ever saw outside of seeing Ozzy play the "Freaker's Ball" at Starplex Ampitheater the year before he expanded it into ...whatever the hell it was he started calling the dann thing.

I didn't actually realize what a chic magnet Peter Steele was thought to be....I'm forever sort of clueless in some ways, but I sure thought he was a cool guy, and I loved his vocal style, which of course seemed for all the world to be half copied from Glen Danzig.

Well it turns out, not surprisingly, that the name "Peter Steele" wasn't the man's "Christian name," if you will - but that isn't so surprising considering he was a showman, a musician, and all.

He'd taken the name "Steele" from a rather infamous forefather of his, Joseph Stalin, who of course, was using a name that wasn't his *cough* "Christian name," either.

Basically - "Stalin," and "Steele" were both names meant to convey power, and were adopted for just that sort of conveyed meaning.

No shame in being a relative of one of the worst mass murderers of the entire history of the world, the atheism poster child, Stalin - we've likely all got some morons in our ancestry, and likely some of them were monsters.

Anyway, I like the music of Type O Negative, and I like it year round - but around All Hallow's Eve, so much the better!

As it turned out, life was killing Peter Steele - but he'd made the changes to save his health, he only made them too late.

Rest in peace, old pal.  Happy Halloween.

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