Sunday, July 1, 2012

Kershaw Ken Onion Knives

If someone were to ask me,
Todd, what's the best brand of pocket knives that I could buy?
I would answer without a second thought,
Kershaw knives are the best, most affordable, knives that you can buy.
In addition to having my not so humble endorsement of being THE BEST, Kershaw brand knives are made in America. In these economic times dominated by sell out politicians and globalist bankers, I can't stress enough how important it is to spend the extra dollars for quality, and often times with hardware such as knives, guns, etc; quality is found with products either made in America, or made in Germany.
German industrial quality, ingenuity, and craftsmanship is legendary, and always will be. German is also still the single largest ethnic group in the United States of America, and that, perhaps, is another reason why great products are still made in America in regards to guns and knives, and many another product as well. Still, I say, you are not a global citizen, you are most likely an American citizen if you are reading this, and you should most certainly buy American each and every time that you buy anything, and whenever possible. At one point it was rumored, and the point might well be true, that the Obama administration sought to make possession of "quick flick" lock blades illegal. I absolutely break with the Democratic party line on that, and will, in fact, break any and every such law concerning knives should such freedom infringing legislation be passed. I'll also go the extra patriotic step and urge you to fight against any such legislation, and encourage you to break any such law each and every day of your life.
While Wikipedia, in fact, says that Kershaw is a multi-national corporation owned in Japan, Kershaw knives are still MADE IN AMERICA, so buy American, and if it's your thing, get your globalist multi national ya ya's out, and buy Kershaw. I stand behind my statement that they are the best, affordable, American made knives available. Buy yourself a great Kershaw quick flick lock blade, or any Kershaw knife today! There will always be one of these in my pocket, and I've owned several.

Kershaw "Ken Onion" Lock Blades


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