Thursday, July 12, 2012

Gun Control In The United States And Beyond

There are some that say that the time that must have passed in order for a new generation to have come is forty years: If this is the case, then about a generation and a half before the time that Jesus of Nazareth was said to have been born through rather unscientific means, Julius Caesar, and his legions of Gaul first set foot on what is now British soil, and were soundly driven back. The charismatic, adventurous, propagandizing Caesar hadn't come prepared for the weather, or the savage men who fought not only with swords, but with dogs.
Not too much later at all, Caesar returned to Briton from what is now Brittany, and as he expected to do the first time, he defeated the Britons, despite the fact that upon the second landing Caesar found himself facing a coalition of united British tribesmen. Later still, during the time of the Roman Empire, Emperor Hadrian tried, and failed at conquering Scotland. Remnants of the wall that he'd had built can still be seen at what was the border between Scotland and England-and this is known as, of course, "Hadrian's Wall."
The Roman legions liked to think themselves the heirs to the Spartan warriors, both ethnically and spiritually. No army in the ancient world ever stood a chance against them, their physical training, and above all else, their amazing discipline kept them far and away the most superior force in any land battle. The only times the Roman Legions had any competition were the times of civil war, when they were fighting themselves.

Julius Caesar, Karl Marx, and Spartacus.

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But the Roman Legions couldn't fight their way into Scotland, and Julius Caesar suffered a rare military defeat upon first setting foot in England.
Gaius Julius Caesar was one of the most amazing men, in my opinion, in all of history. What I find rather strange is that there is no mention of the man who's surname would become synonymous with "King," in both German(Kaiser) and Russian(Tzar, or Tsar) in the Slave uprising, lead by the morally superior Spartacus-that occurred during his time as a leading Roman general. Spartacus, according to Karl Marx, was the finest man that lived in the ancient world-and because of his anti-slavery stance, it's a pretty good point. Spartacus and his uprising, sadly, were defeated by Pompey, who had untold thousands of the slave warriors and gladiators crucified on the road leading to Rome from the South.
In Africa, just prior to Caesar's tryst with Cleopatra-Gaius was presented with Pompey's head, as a gift, in a box. It's reported that this brought the macho Gaius Julius Caesar to tears-and not because his rival was dead, but tears of genuine sorrow, and outrage.
It is doubtful that Gaius Julius Caesar was the inventor of propaganda, but it is beyond doubt that his book about the conquest of Gaul was probably the first major instance of propaganda applied to the masses with the desired effect. The Celtic tribesmen of Gaul were not "savages," or "barbarians" at all but Caesar's reports, read on street corners in Rome, surely made him the hero that Pompey feared. It is doubtful that since his time in either Gaul or Britain that either has been considered a frontier of any kind.
Now, I hope you enjoyed the seemingly non-relevant historical backdrop to this hub concerning gun control. I assure you, however, that propaganda, conquest, stereotyping people as "savages," The United Kingdom and slave revolts all have a great deal to do with any movement to suppress gun ownership. Often times, it seems that those who do not support gun control are being intellectually crucified, though not on the Via Appia.
I am not certain what the day was that private ownership of firearms were banned in the United Kingdom. What I know for certain is that private ownership of firearms were banned not only by the Nazis, but also by the Communist. Following the current plan, and using the Hegelian Dialectical model-our prescribed synthesis, a political mixture of communism and capitalism-I'm not sure that guns will be banned in the United States of American until our false Messiah comes, and takes us all to Zion, not the Jewish homeland of Palestine, mind you, but the one world government that their holy books predict.
I'm not certain of the exact date when our media became predatory towards it's consumers, but I'd be willing to bet that that date was soon after the great war was fought and won, and the rest of the world's leaders, behind the curtains of secrecy, decided that never again should a nation become as powerful as the United States of America. The position and prestige of this nation precludes there ever being a one world government-and this is why our media seeks to destroy us, divide us, and who can argue with me concerning how divided we all are on so many lines, as we are today?
I recall an analogy that my Mother once made. "You can take a frog," she'd said, "and put it into a pot of room temperature water, and the frog will not jump out. However, should you drop the frog into a pot of boiling water, it will quickly jump out. If you take a frog, and put it into lukewarm, room temperature water, and slowly bring it to a boil, you will cook a frog."
There's very little wonder that our nation's economy crashed due to extreme Mammon worship. Lord Rothschild can't really imagine that anyone would wish to be anyone but him-and it's easy enough to see that many do. As for the one gun that I own-it's one of my oldest inanimate friends. I saved my chore money at twelve years of age, until I had the $65.00 dollars required for me to buy the single shot twenty gauge from Walmart. Sure, we live in a police state who's laws are geared towards the rich getting richer, and the poor becoming more so. I think that everyone should own kevlar and cop killer bullets-as for my one, ineffective weapon should they come for it. It can be pried from my cold dead hands.

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