Sunday, July 22, 2012

Driving Traffic To Web Pages With The AddThis Extension For Chrome Or Firefox Browsers.

Driving Traffic

By now everyone should know that we web writers, regardless for what sites we write on, and regardless of whether or not we wish to earn money from advertising on our work; we all have to take some responsibility towards promotion of our work. Surely nobody creates a web article for it to NOT be seen. If we aren't looking for income, then surely it's attention, or discussion that we are looking for. There are sites, like Info Barrel, where you can write articles, and have any pay per click or sales proceeds donated to charities. This too is a worthy reason for web logging, or blogging.
Now, having said that, that we must drive our own traffic, I must say that there are all sorts of unethical practices afoot that can, have been, and are being used by entities all over the web, and people right here on Hubpages. What do I mean by "unethical?" Well, if you hire someone to distribute your links everywhere all over the net. . . .I think that you basically SUCK. Also, there is software available that creates content for you, and there is software to tweet and re tweet your bogus content with Adsense adverts on it. . . .again, and again, and again. I think that people that do that are unethical in most situations and circumstances. I can't say that there is a "black and white," yes this is bad, no this is good, thing going on here. I distrust all laws, rules, and lawmakers or enforcers as a general rule, as the world that we live in is surely not "black and white." We live in a GRAY world, where what might be "wrong" for me to do, would be "right" for you to do. I'm no moral absolutist.
Google, however, is absolutely the moralist to appease in all such situations regarding Adsense, Adsense earnings, backlinking, and search engine results page manipulations. If you haven't heard, then I'll break it down for you; Google is giving JC Penny a great big swift kick in the rear as it's SEO team had been doing some seriously unethical backlinking.  I have no idea what "link farming" is, sounds too much like some Monsanto meat growing operation, or something; but that's what the JC Penny SEO team was into; and they've been reprimanded.
But can or will Google ever get around to penalizing the little guys on Hubpages and other places like this for these same practices?  I don't know, but I hope that they do.  I'm trying to do everything myself, and if I had money to spend on having someone else build links for me all over the web, then I wouldn't be spending my time trying to earn money writing on the web.

The AddThis Extension

I've got a routine that I do after I publish something here, or somewhere else. I try to immediately "share" it on Facebook, I hit the Twitter tweet button too, might as well, right? I then submit to; so as Google's web crawlers will index my hub, barrel, or blog; and then I usually put it on Myspace, Tumblr, Redgage; and that's about it. Of course I've got a bookmark bar up top of my browser, but I've got other things to look at and do on the net. I can't just clog my bookmark bar up with my web writing promotion campaign, you know; and without some sort of program in place, I'll always get distracted at some point, and I won't get everything promoted and back linked equally.
Enter the AddThis Extension. This AddThis thing is seriously making my linking life easier. No, I absolutely refuse to count the options that this customizable little piece of software gives you and I. There seems to be more bookmarking sites, etc, on the web than I could ever get around to linking to; but I'd imagine that most every single one of them is on the list of available sites for the AddThis extension. Of course back linking is time consuming; but since I've taken some time off from constantly writing hubs, I've realized that I'd failed to link some hubs to sites that I nearly always link them. It's also great to always go back over your hubs, and maybe move the capsules around a bit, etc. Now that I'm starting to know a little bit about how to most effectively create a web article for search engines and Adsense revenues; I'm amazed at just how many silly things I'd done on older Hubs. No big deal, we can always edit them, move the pictures off the top (prime real estate for Adsense), so forth, and so on. I'm forever spotting a grammatical error that needs to be fixed, and sometimes a mis spelled word or two. It happens. When I get done book marking and back linking everything to some place; I can then re customize my AddThis toolbar, and go back over my catalog of hubs, link them to the new site that I added to my easily customizable AddThis tool, and make further alterations.
Why not take a minute and add an capsule? It couldn't hurt anything, and it definitely makes any hub brand new content in the eyes of search engines, as the new capsule, or expanded capsule makes the page fresh. It's amazing the weird shit I do. I'll look at a hub and think, "why did I think three sets of guitar strings for sale on amazon was good? Why not TEN sets of guitar strings? If three is good, isn't ten more than three times better?" LOL! No worries, I'm going back over everything time and again until it's as optimized as it is going to ever become.


I gave up Firefox for Chrome, and I've never looked back.  Chrome is so much faster than Firefox, that it makes my computer seem like a newer model than it actually is.  If you are still using Internet Explorer, then chances are that you're not going to be wise enough to employee any sort of add on or extension, and you should really, REALLY download a better browser, and run your anti spyware software pronto.  Anyway, if you do prefer Firefox to Chrome, then there is an AddThis add on for Firefox.

Months Later. . . .

It's now been several months since I've published this hub about the easily customizable AddThis extension for Chrome and/or Firefox, and I'm still using it for driving traffic to my web pages, and I'm still customizing it as I go along to suite what sites I'm currently using it for. The only issue that I've come across with this has been with Twitter, and it's really not too big of an issue. From time to time when I try to "tweet" a webpage with the AddThis extension from the Chrome browser, the Twitter webpage with my link just won't load. The only thing that needs to be done here is to hit the "refresh" thing on my Chrome browser, and then Twitter will load correctly with the link that I'm trying to "tweet" ready for the tweeting.


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