Sunday, June 24, 2012

Personal Responsibility

Personal Responsibility

I've been thinking about personal responsibility. I'm not talking about simple examples, such as knowing that it's my fault when I get fired for continually showing up late for work-nothing like that.
I'm thinking about personal responsibility on a much larger scale. You might even consider this "group responsibility," but we are all members of a group, and we all have a voice. We all have personal responsibility within our group.
Many members of the Nazi death camps, etc claimed, and still claim-that they were just doing their jobs. Following orders.
This is failing to take personal responsibility-an extreme example.
Last Sunday, in Juarez, Mexico; there was yet another massacre. This latest one involved a lot of innocent teenagers having a gathering. These were not drug cartel teenagers-but it's certain that the killings had to do with the never ending wars between the cartels over distribution routes, etc.
The reprisals, and tragedies of this nature are occuring 24/7 in Mexico these days.
Are the trigger men personally responsible for these murders?
But lets dig a little deeper. What role did YOU play in it?
Do you support politicians and policies relative to TOUGH drug laws, and our never ending, failed prohibition, aka, "The War On Drugs."
If you pay taxes, and vote for politicians who consistently deny that there has been a total failure of our government in it's policy and philosophy concerning drug prohibition-the YOU play a part in these never ending murders.
I don't want to hear any nonsense about how you blame the consumers of illegal drugs. Yes, they are partially responsible too. In fact, they are EQUALLY responsible, but not MORE responsible.

Do you support our imperialist war on "terror?" I say that you support hypocrisy if you support a war on terror, and policies in drug laws that create such a demand for illicit drugs, and the situations in which violent criminals grow rich, and kill teenagers at a party-and go unpunished.
Are these Mexican cartels not terrorist?
I say that they ARE, and just as our nation's refusal to drill and use it's own oil reserves empowers Islamic militants, so does our nation's prohibition laws empower Mexican drug cartel terrorist.
Think about it, and how your voice, and your votes, and the nonsense that your pastor talks about affects these things; and think about your personal responsibility when you vote, and pay taxes.
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