Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DynCorp - The American Corporation For Global Pedophilia.


Besides the obvious that Wikileaks is a noble endeavor, and the beyond obvious that the sexual assault charges against Julian Assange are a complete and total fabrication, a setup, and that the assaulted woman is a person with blood on her hands, and is an altogether unreliable, and untrustworthy witness; we now have the revelation that DynCorp, another symptom of a corporate fascist America, traffics in child sexual slavery.  If you aren't disgusted, you are not paying attention.  Julian Assange is no sexual predator, and it's classic, so very classic that the very thing that he's now revealing to an uncaring world is the thing being used to slander his very name.


I couldn't find "child molester," etc, among the DynCorp jobs or careers from the website, but apparently they forgot to expand the list for the new international cops in training. What I did see was a bunch of nonsense about service, which is typical police talk, and nonsense about making the world a better place. They forgot to mention that they make the world a better place for child predators, and not for the young boys of Afghanistan. Go figure. I totally understand though, words like "oppressor," "abuser," and "mercenary" don't fit the superman image that is sold in the American media. I'll bet that they don't mind the superman capes though, especially when they throw parties with little boys wearing dresses. The following story isn't the kind of thing I like to wake up to in my inbox, but it's there just the same. Corporate American Fascism, and the invasion of countries for the sole purpose of building pipelines of profit for the already supremely wealthy is the reality, but please read the story. Those are, after all, YOUR tax dollars being spent on child sexual slavery, so please, read it, and think about it.

Bacha Bazi

Basically, Bacha Bazi is a sick pre-Islamic sexual slavery tradition involving boys. To further illustrate just how misguided, and outright evil the United States corporate involvement in Afghanistan is, the Taliban had previously eradicated this sick tradition. No more Taliban, or a weakened Taliban only brought it back to the forefront of the pedophile culture. Way to go, Dyncorps, way to show em' the American Way! Bacha Bazi may be a culturally accepted form of male child sexual abuse in Afghanistan, but Dyncorps has actually promoted it. If corporations are now technically "citizens," then it's very safe to say that the Dyncorps corporation is, in fact, along with who knows how many of it's employees, sexual predators, pedophiles, and international and United States criminals worthy of having their names, addresses, etc zoned, and posted on the web; the same as we do here with 18 year old men who get caught with 17 year old women in some states.

What Part of Child Sexual Slavery is "Critical," DynCorps?

Corporations Ripping Off Americans - Buying and Selling Children.

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