Saturday, June 16, 2012

Conway Twitty

Let me tell you guys out there a little bit of a secret, Conway Twitty is the smoothest man in the world. Conway Twitty is so freakin' smooth, that my 88 year old grandmother is in love with him. Can I get a "HELL YEAH" already? My hat's off to this guy, and the truth of the matter is this: I "share" Conway Twitty ditties on Facebook, and women of all ages that are my Facebook friends go Lady Gaga over those vids. I'm telling you, I'm onto something here, and only a fool or one uninterested in women would dare look away. Conway is THA MAN, and you'd best recognize, my brothers!
You know what? Now that I think about it, even my younger brother is into this guy, sure, he only loves the classic "Hello Darlin'" song, but I think that it's his effin' ring tone on his phone. My Brother looks like Dimebag Darrell; and bench presses over 400 pounds, what the hell is going on with this stuff?
Now, you might have to take into consideration that I'm a Texas boy, and live in the sticks; but I swear that the Twitty man can get you into a woman's good graces South of the Mason and Dixon; and I'd not knock this until you've tried it North of there either!

"Hello Darlin'" By Conway Twitty.

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Conway Twitty

Mr. Twitty, whose real name wasHarold Jenkins -- he was poring over a map one day and noticed the towns of Conway, Ark., and Twitty, Tex. -- began as a rock-and-roll singer in the 1950's, and his song, "Lonely Blue Boy," went gold. His biggest hit, "It's Only Make Believe," hit the top of the pop charts in 1958.
Eventually, Mr. Twitty had more than 50 No. 1 songs on the country charts. He specialized in ballads of lost love, with "Tight Fittin' Jeans," "Hello Darlin'," and "After All the Good is Gone" among his biggest hits. Duets With Loretta Lynn
The above is from the obit link below, and it's shameful that I didn't know that Mr. Conway Twitty, or Harold Jenkins was dead, and has been for a while, until I started putting this article together. Hey, back off! I'm just a guy who grew up hearing Conway in the background to the scenes of my life here in Kaufman, Texas; and who also happened to notice, with devious intent, the very strong female response that I was getting on Facebook when I'd share a Conway Twitty link!
Man, one thing that I absolutely love in life is seeing my brother's facial expressions and sheer joy and amusement when he sings "Hello Darlin'," and the extreme animation that will surely follow. He's not a country music sort of guy, but between him, my grandmother, and me; it seems that Conway Twitty music is accepted and appreciated family wide. It doesn't matter if you're rocking out to "Louisiana Woman/Mississippi Man," or doing some female one night stand style flirting with "I'd Still Love To Lay You Down," or even if you're going old school with the Elvis sounding, "It's Only Make Believe, " man, Conway is still there for us guys, and if the Ladies love to hear it, then you'd better believe that I'll love to play it for them, and WTF is a beiber anyway, right?
Can I get a" HELL YEAH!! " yet, my brothers???????
Also, you've got to realize that ONLY George Strait, or, "King George," as he's known around here, has more number one country music hits than Conway Twitty did, it's going to be a while before anyone comes around that can match those guys with something soulful and true sounding, something based in a genre that will be timeless, and not pseudo country pop, like the Kenny Chesney, or whatever his name is, crowd puts out.
Johnny's gone, Waylon's gone, and Conway's gone. There's nobody left but Willie and Merle, and both of those cats are getting really, really old. Sure, we've got Hank Jr., and we've even got Hank III; but the truth of the matter is that Country music is now only something best described as "pseudo corporate country garbage." Me, I'm sticking with the classics, trying to keep it as real as I can.

Conway Twitty - It's Only Make Believe!

I'd Just LOVE To Lay You Down!

Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man.

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