Sunday, April 22, 2012

To Eat Beef, or Not To Eat Beef - That Is My Question.


Listen, I love eating beef.  I love the way it tastes, and I love the ways in which I can flavour it up - it is always beyond good, so far beyond good I don't know how to describe it.  The thing is, I've eaten a ton of beef in my life, and ....I'm starting to feel badly about it.

See, there are cows in our pasture.  I look at those cows.  I talk to those cows.  Those cows look back at me, and sometimes they look at me as if I intend to eat them, and they don't much like that.  I'm certain of this.

Last week I walked into the pasture to talk to the cows, you know how us insane criminal types are - we do things that common dying consumer society people with their third eyes closed can not comprehend, and consider to be insane.  There were three Mother cows with calves that are all several months old now, and getting rather large.  There was another cow - but this one had no calf, and I could literally see her dejection at being the cow without a calf, while her other three pasture mate cows all had their healthy and growing calves standing next to them.  I could see the pain in the cow without a calves eyes.

One mother calf had a growing young bull at her side - the young bull glared at me, he was protective of his mother, and had I gotten too close, he would have hurt me, and he would have hurt me badly.  I could well understand his position and his feelings - such things were very real.

I am not a Vegan, and neither shall I ever become one.  I seriously dislike Vegan ideology.  I only think its time for me to give beef a rest.

I don't much like pork, but I intend to eat it.  I'm going to eat more turkey and more chicken, and more fish.

It is a fact that the American cattle rancher has done some terrible thing to the ecosystems within the USA - they've killed off most of the wolves, the jaguars, the cougars, and made extinct the Mexican grizzly bear.

Cattle ranchers in the USA don't give a fuck about US Citizens either - Beef is now being exported as the demand for american beef in China is exploding.

I say let the Chinese poison themselves with Monsanto hormones, and all the second hand cancer from eating beef that had been in it's living cow form been fed Monsanto cancer corn.

Kobe Beef?  Are you sure about that?  You'd better check your sources - there are more scams going on the the American Gangster Beef Hustle than anyone can realize all in one setting, and the Kobe Beef fad is just another one of them.

I think we should all boycott beef - force the fucking cattle ranchers and hormone laden beef corporations to their knees in a pasture

Me, I'd rather hunt and fish for my meat - but that too is expensive, and takes a ton of time, so I'll make this small sacrifice, I'll buy no more beef, I might eat someone else's beef, and I'll wind up eating less meat, ingesting less poison, and feeding the murder machine that much less of my life and my time.

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  1. I'm happy I found this link on the EWN timeline. It is truly scary what they pass off as "food" in America. Thank you for sharing : )