Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Space Coasting on a Borrowed Bicycle.

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And so, having drank all of the bongwater, the White Trash Supertzar was instructed that perhaps he should borrow the newest stolen bicycle and travel homeward. . . . . . . . . .but he figured that today a different route was in order.

Against traffic on fm 1388 he went till he got to "toke" road-the road had once been called "Shaw" road when he lived across the farm to market road on Highland Drive, but now it's just known as a road to take a toke on, or perhaps get stuck on if it has rained recently. . . . . . .

Down the road he went, his head was just a'spinnin' each and every way, and when he got to the last house other than the trailer on down the way. he had to stop and peruse the structure of the trees. cause they just looked sort of weird. A dog tied to the weirdest, and surely, the oldest tree barked and barked at him-he is still certain that the dog wanted to play. A man came out on the porch. . . . . .

"Don't you come through that gate, that dog will fuck you up fer sure!"
"Why would he do that?" he wondered out loud to himself, to the trees, and to the man(he's pretty certain that dogs understand his musings too!)

"Cause he don't know you, you'd better slow down on that bike-people get heart attacks all the time!" then the man added, "what you doin? where do you live?"
"I live about four or five miles thataway" the Supertzar replied.

"what the hell you doin' way over this a' way?" the man demanded.

"I'll take this bike anywhere in this county if I have a mind to!"
"Well," the man on the porch said, "them dogs gonna fuck you up!"
"Why would they do that?" the White Trash Supertzar demanded in return.

"Cause they think you some sort of pervert, or maybe you lookin' to steal something." the man on the porch said.

"They think that because I'm riding a bicycle in the country that I'm a perverted theif?" now he, the Supertzar was growing concerned, so naturally, he re-positioned the bike to where it was pointed in the direction that would surely lead in through the gate to the man on the porch's property.

"Don't you come in here! My dog will fuck you up!"

For all the world I know that that dog just wanted to play.

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