Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Some Just Can't Make It. . . . .Death During Recovery.

Winter 2009 - Death During Recovery.

I moved into the "sober house" that I'm living in in February just after my 35th birthday. I've a heroine addict room mate who tells me that I may as well put a padlock between women's legs by saying things like that. Fuck everything else-if I start telling lies I get really confused really quickly. I will tell lies though, but only because I'm human, and so are you, you motherfucking liar.

This isn't my first time around this mountain. I will go one step further and say it as clearly as I am able. Your thoughts about moi. . . .just might not be important to the truth, they may not represent logic, or reality in any way. . . . .especially if you are involved in law enforcement, or government.

When I moved into this particular sober living house there were two people in the room next door. Joe still lives there, but Jack is very dead. I talked to that man maybe three or four times max. He worked during the day.

Jack moved out of here about a week after I moved in. Jack didn't show up for work on Friday. I went home for Mother's day this weekend. I love my Mother.

There is a saying in rehab circles that goes like this, "while your sitting here in "recovery" your "devil" is accross the street doing push ups." I've often found that this is true. Sometimes you just can't go back.

Jack drank his self to death on Friday. He didn't show up for work and someone called his sister to check on him. Returning to the bottle didn't work out for him.

He was a nice guy. He'd have to have been cool tempered to put up with Joe, the guy next door. Sometimes I want to punch Joe myself. Sharing a bathroom with someone isn't the prefered way to live.

I was in a rehab in December called "Homeward Bound." I knew a man named Max there. Max died a couple of weeks after he got out. He was maybe 50. Max was very smart-a very bright and mature man. I think heroine got him.

This sort of thing brings to mind the scripture that basically says that God will finally get tired of some people's bullshit, and turn them over to a "reprobate mind." I hope that Max and Jack are both in better "places" now. RIP

Wesman Todd Shaw is TIRED of doing online Obits.


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